ScreenMiner™ is a platform that delivers unprecedented AI-enabled audience insights. Built with passion, for, and by, media experts.

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You’ll be collecting data faster than you can say “which way to craft services”? Link your project’s social media and video sharing accounts, digital ad campaigns, and Google Analytics. Upload streamer/broadcaster reports and kudos, then sit back and enjoy the jujubes.
Interactive Charts
New to audience data? No worries. Pre-set charts make it easy for novice users to understand what’s going on with their audiences. Power users can drill through interactive visualizations to derive even deeper meaning.
Video Tagging
ScreenMiner’s tagging system and AI assist enable videos to be categorized in a snap. Seasons, episodes, complementary content, trailers, sponsors… if you can name it, you can tag it.
Activity Log
Map milestones in your audience development activation against key metrics like viewership and engagements to learn what is working and what needs to be tweaked.

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Qualitative Impact
Earned media, festival screenings, and awards are all indicators of success. ScreenMiner offers leading edge tools to measure impact and rank the critical success of your content.
Viewership, Engagement and More
Content creation takes time, money, and effort. Don’t undervalue its success by leaving views on the table. Show sponsors, stakeholders, and investors the reach and impact of your amazing shows.
Slate Views
Dig deep into individual projects or step back and survey a group of projects. Find the sweet spot in viewership to spend ratios. Sift, sort, and filter to extract meaningful insights that can be used to guide programming and funding decisions.
Multiple Users & Roles
It can take a village to build audiences around TV, film, and web content. ScreenMiner has you covered. Knock down silos and assign roles to multiple collaborators. Perfect for agencies, producers, broadcasters/platforms, and distributors.

Growing audiences around screen content is not one-and-done. The tools and tactics are constantly evolving. Don’t worry, the ScreenMiner™ team has your back with free monthly webinars. Ask us about ScreenMiner30s!
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Website dashboard
Dig into website performance and segmentation
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