ScreenMiner makes it fast and easy to surface audience insights with features built for and by media experts.

Screenshot of the viewership chart that details the performance of each platform
Set up wizard
You’ll be collecting data faster than you can say “which way to craft services?” Link your project’s social media accounts, digital advertising, and Google Analytics, then sit back and enjoy the jujubes.
Interactive charts
New to audience data? No worries. Pre-set charts make it easy for novice users to understand what’s going on with their audiences. Power users can drill through interactive visualizations to derive even deeper meaning.
Video tagging
ScreenMiner’s cool new tagging system enables videos to be categorized in a snap. Seasons, episodes, complementary content, trailers, sponsors… if you can name it, you can tag it.
Activity log
Map milestones in your audience development activation against key metrics like viewership and engagements to learn what is working and what needs to be tweaked.

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Share data across departments
Need different data for different departments? No problem. ScreenMiner can share insights across teams, so goodbye silos.
Total reach
Don't leave money on the table. With the click of a button, show sponsors total viewership across multiple platforms.
Portfolio Views
Dig deep into individual projects or step back and survey a group of projects. Find the sweet spot in viewership to spend ratios. Show sponsors total cross platform viewership with the click of a button. Sift, sort, and filter to extract meaningful insights that can be used to guide programming and funding decisions.
Multiple users & roles
It can take a village to build audiences around TV, film and web content. ScreenMiner has you covered. Assign roles to multiple collaborators and control the level of access for each. Perfect for agencies, producers, broadcasters/platforms, and distributors.

Building audiences around screen content is not one and done. The tools and tactics are constantly evolving. Don’t worry, the ScreenMiner team has your back.
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Monitor viewership across multiple platforms
Track digital ads campaign data in a flash
ScreenMiner Google Analytics website data charts
Dig into website performance and segmentation
See where audiences are connecting with your content
Screenshot of ScreenMiner's easy-to-create reports
Report to funders with the click of a button!