Magnify Digital, OCAD, Telus Fund launch screen media content research project

June 13, 2022 / Laura Greinke

Supported by Mitacs Accelerate and the Canada Media Fund, the project will measure how successful screen media content is and how it impacts audiences’ lives.

Magnify Digital, Ontario College of Art & Design University, and Telus Fund are collaborating on a 12-month extensive project researching how screen media content impacts audiences. 

The project, titled “Understanding and Magnifying the Impacts of Cultural Content,” is led by Dr. Sara Diamond and Dr. Chris Kim and will research and develop tools for measuring how successful a media product is and its impact on audiences. It will analyze how the audience perceives the media they watch and if it has an impact on their lives.

According to a news release, feedback from industry leaders during Magnify Digital’s ViewerCentric National Audience Data Initiative in 2020 noted that successful media content is no longer reduced to just the number of views it gets, but also the overall quality of experience the audience has.

Magnify Digital founder and CEO Moyra Rodger said since audiences and screen media consumption are changing, the way the success of screen content is measured also needs to change. “For example, content targeting niche audiences may be extremely successful and significant though not in terms of traditional quantitative metrics,” Rodger said in the release.

The project will develop, test, and implement tools that will later be shared via ScreenMiner – Magnify Digital’s new cloud-based audience analytics platform.

Supported by Mitacs Accelerate and the Canada Media Fund, the “Understanding and Magnifying the Impacts of Cultural Content” project team is currently building a board of advisors. Their findings and prototyped tools are expected to be released within the year.

Based in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Sao Paulo, Magnify Digital specializes in audience development strategy, training and technology for the cultural industries. In April 2021, the agency launched the Audience Development Pilot Project with the Bell Fund, Telus Fund and Shaw Rocket Fund to share viewer insights and increase the discoverability of future Canadian content, among other goals.

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